WT Painting in Srilanka
WT Painting in Srilanka

I have been painting all my life. Where I am now is just part of a journey. My method of working or media may vary but my paintings and drawings have elements that stay fairly constant.

My work is figurative and is a reflection of my life and what I see about me. I paint people, landscapes, still life and interiors.I paint quick sketches of fleeting moments and also highly detailed paintings of subjects contemplated over a period of months but one way or another there is a portrait or narrative to the painting. Most of my paintings are in oil on traditional gesso and I firmly believe that craftsmanship is an inseparable part of the whole activity. .Painting has been my way of marking the passage of my life and if I look back at my past work I can remember what I was doing and thinking at that time.

Lately I have been painting interiors of houses. They are wonderful subjects, they keep still and combine elements of still life, landscape and portraiture in such a way that I could paint the same thing one hundred times and still find more to say.

I really enjoy the practical side of painting, that there is such a thing as good craftsmanship and yet we all have different ways of handling paint, like a style of handwriting that is unique and is a reflection of us.

I’m lucky to be painting figurative pictures at a time when they are coming back into fashion. Or did they ever really go out of fashion? We understand much of what we know by looking and that is what I’m trying to do..

Painting is a very practical activity. The paintings don’t paint themselves, they don’t exist until you get up out of your chair and get down dirty with the paints.. There is a school of thought that the moment that you conceive a work of Art it is completed but I don’t subscribe to that particular school, I find that paintings come about as a result of the dialogue between the paintbrush, the paint and the support. You don’t quite know how you will paint something until you are actually doing it in much the same way as. I’m not always sure what I’m going to say until I’ve said it. Sadly words are harder to unsay than paintings are to wipe off.

Teaching has been an integral part of my work for the last 30 years. It has helped me to firm up and develop my thoughts on Art and how I go about creative work..The need to express my thoughts on looking, drawing and painting force ideas out into the open, sometimes they seem clear, sometimes I have to re-evaluate.

I also have a great love of painting Plein Air and am lucky enough to live in the beautiful Pewsey Vale in Wiltshire., God’s own studio.

The world is understood by looking at it and I’m trying to understand it one painting at a time!

View at Savenake
View at Savenake

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