Here is a selection of people I have painted.

Although portrait painters were somewhat looked down upon when I was a schoolboy in the 70’s and an art student in the 80’s, I still had half a mind to be a portrait painter anyway. I reasoned that proper artists are odd and contrary anyway so if it was thought conventional at a time when Artist were aspiring to be punk rockers then I could be odd by being conventional.

I think that to be a successful portrait painter requires several important attributes. You must be good at likeness’s which also flatter, be great with people no matter how pompous or difficult they are and then you must be thick skinned and pushy as hell.

The last two are probably the most important.

I realise now that I don’t hold all the qualifications but I am quite persistent so I have carried on doing the occasional portrait regardless of the consequences. It’s just not my only trade.

Painting portraits is exciting. I think it can give you the same adrenalin rush that bungee jumpers get. Perhaps the dangers are greater. If things don’t work out you could be humiliated and penniless. Bungee jumps are generally very safe.

I intend writing a blog post on the subject where I will discuss my work more fully so keep an eye on willpaint.co.uk



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