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A west country exhibition

It seems that blogs are like news year resolutions when it comes to keeping them updated. I thought I ought to mention this exhibition that I have some work in. Perhaps it will encourage me to post more regularly in future.

I haven’t done many still lifes in the last couple of years so Have enjoyed doing one or two for this. Each Artist was represented in the invitations thay were sent out by a postcard of their work. Mine was this cigar and ashtray painting done in egg tempera on gesso.

This bring me to another point. I have always believed that the plural of Still Life was Still Lifes. Lives being the plural of a persons life and Still Life being another word with it’s own rules. Any thoughts?

The show is in a gallery I last showed at 20 years ago called the Summerleaze Gallery at East Knoyle. It is owned by Tim and Trish Scott Bolton who also run Art classes there as well as in India. They have been joined by John Stoller, an American Art dealer from Minnesota now living in the area.

I went along to the Saturday night opening to see how it looked and enjoyed myself catching up with the Scott Boltons, their guests as well as some of the fellow Artists. There can be a nasty atmosphere when Artists meet at a group show. Jealousies over who brought who, who then went on to buy work from another etc.

I’m glad to say I didn’t witness any ugly scenes on this occasion though.

The show runs until the 6th December

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