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House Prices

Some time ago I went to a party where I was introduced to the well know politician Roy Jenkins. I was interested to meet him and find out what he was like “off duty”, if a politician can ever be said to be off duty. Unfortunately my mind went blank and I couldn’t think of anything to say to him.

I mentioned this later to my friend Mary Anne Sieghart, who was a staff writer on The Times and well used to meeting politicians and their ilk. “Why not ask them what they think of property prices?” she replied “everyone is interested in property.”

Well I suppose that is true and with that in mind I’m going to paint a few more houses. Yesterday the weather was good so I went outside to paint our house, a Georgian old Vicarage with nice proportions. It then clouded over so the light was not what I had in mind.

The Old Vicarage, oil on board 6“ x 8“

If I get a nice evening soon I’ll be tempted to pop out side and put in some stronger highlights. Sometimes it is hard to leave paintings alone even when they are finished.

Sadly Roy Jenkins died not long after I met him. He was an interesting man as his biography on Wikipedia will testify. I’m sure that the House prices conversation would have been fascinating, had it taken place.

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