Two Jelly Moulds

Two Jelly Moulds

Two Jelly Moulds Oil on Panel, 8 x 7 inches

These aluminium moulds must be antiques by now. They hark back to the bygone age of Mrs Beaton and those wonderful illustrations of Jellies in old cookery books. This is a part of a series of pictures in which I concentrated on painting au premier coup (in one session) using only a large round brush. I had some advice on brush use from the artist Duane Keiser. It seemed somewhat alien at first but as I grew comfortable working this way I started to enjoy a sense of freedom gained from the simplicity of working this way.

There has been a revival of jelly making of late lead by the super creative team of Bompas in Parr, They are well worth checking out if only for amusement, they provide high end services but the inspiration they offer is free if you're just looking.


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